• Dali Haeusler-Thomas posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    @mats-esberg So update on the EA I have managed to make one HAHRAAAYYYYYY!!! right now im just cleaning up the code. Ill get it to you soon to test.

    • Hello Dali, sounds awesome. I opened the strat tester yesterday, I chosed Enigma as the indicator and then I tried to run one pair, one hour, one week and it plotted the patterns during the test. However I don’t know if its correct, but should be don’t you think?

      • yeah it works fine like that. It’s an excellent way to practice i reckon. Hit a bit of a problem in the EA but I’m working way around it. Now im dedicated to making get this ea to work hopefully we can set it up on a 5 min or 1 min chart and get major profit we will wait and see.