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    @hakan-aras. Hi Hakan, how are you doing? Are you working on the Daily Chore at the moment? Are you trading the Daily Chore live? would be good to catch up.

    • Hi @fitzy-fitzsimmons, I am doing alright mate, been a little busy recently for my upcoming wedding 🙂 Sorry for my late response. After our final review with you about 3 months ago, I have tested the 15 pairs once again with different target scenarios (1:1, 1:1.5, and/or PSAR) and unfortunately, none of the combinations work for me in terms of ROI. I was getting around 8-12% return and I thought I would invest in S&P500 instead which I already do. This is just my personal opinion. So, in the end, it did not work out for me. Recently, I started testing the Daily Reversal Strategy which seems more promising so far. Once I complete the Daily Reversal I have either Gartley or Bat on my radar down the line. How are you doing? Did you go back to Daily Chore or trading live? If I remember correctly from your last accountability session, you mentioned that you wanted to test the Fib Patterns. In any case, hope you are doing great.

      • Hi @hakan-aras, I’ve parked the Daily Chore. I ended up making a mistake in how i was recording losing trades. i only logged one loss and i was using a 2-target strategy and should have been recording a loss for each target. I was trading the strategy live which, to be honest was going alright!! But once i realised my mistake i stopped live trading. I went back over all my data and made adjustments. I couldn’t get the strategy to work for me so i have stopped the Daily Chore for now. I spoke with Jason and my plan was to get through the Daily Chore and then start working on the advanced patterns. I am on pair 5 using the CYPHER pattern now. i have all this data on the DC though, and i feel like there must be something in there, if i can just find it. i asked JG and he reckons leave it alone for now, while i am working on the CYPHER and then maybe have another think when i can concentrate on it properly. Good Luck with the wedding!!