• Fitzy Fitzsimmons posted an update in the group Group logo of Pattern TradersPattern Traders 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Ok Pattern traders. Can you have a look at the attached, which has some notes, and share any thoughts? thanks

    • Hey Fitzy, I would use the X leg that you have chosen. To me the Z leg looks like it is not quite the final leg in an upward move before reversing. The X point looks like the high of the reversal point, if that makes sense? The Z point doesn’t look like part of the subsequent move that you identified with the X. I might be miles off here but that’s my gut feeling

      • Cheers Sam. I am working through the pairs and i am a bit worried about misreading the impulse leg. I sometimes catch myself looking and thinking, “nah, that’s not one”, then scrolling along and seeing its a winner, then thinking “Hmmm, maybe it is a valid impulse leg”. !!!!

    • Yep, I have exactly the same thing. Sorry I’ve been off the radar but I’ve been hammering through some backtesting this past 2 weeks testing the Cypher on some major pairs on the Daily timeframe. I Would be keen to share notes at some point!