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    Hi guys, i have completed 5 pairs on the 4 -hour, CYHPER pattern now. Up to now I have just been gathering the data with no analysis so my next step is to see which pairs look like they could be tradeable. I use the Tier One money management spreadsheet. One for each pair. when i have the pairs that i think i can take forward into a portfolio, i will combine all of their backtesting data into one, new Tier One spreadsheet and start adjusting things on the money management process in order to optimise the equity curve. I have attached screenshots for each pairs summary info. Any comments? Observations? Have you spotted anything glaringly obvious that i might have done wrong!!! please let me know what you think. when i get some analysis done i will add that into this group. Thanks guys.

    • Hello! I’m backtesting the Cypher on the Daily and have so far done EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDJPY and am currently on EURJPY. All have done okay except for EURJPY. I may try to tweak my reentry method, but it’s looking pretty dismal.

      I did backtest the EURUSD on the 4-hour starting in January 2015. I got 83 trades, a profit factor of 1.6, an expectancy of 3, and 2,133 net pips. I had to use reentries… I found if I didn’t it was not so great.

      How far are you going? Are you using Engima? Are you doing reentries?

      Would love to chat more! I’m a bit more available via WhatsApp, if you’d be open.


      • Hi Mona, I found only 29 trades on EURUSD on the 4-hour. I started in April 2011. Maybe i am not seeing all the patterns that are there? I am going to ask the wider group so we can start seeing what others are getting. I am wary of trying to make direct comparisons, but I think for me, some other insights might be useful for me.

        Keep an eye out for me in the main group and direct message me with contact info in there. i will look out for you too. thanks