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    Hi All, I now have 5 pairs of data on 4-hour CYPHER. each of them from early 2011 giving me 10 years of data. anyone else in a similar position? I know Mona has been doing a quite a bit of work on this lately

    • Hey Fitzy, I am only testing the daily charts right now to fit my work schedule. Happy to discuss at some point.

      Is there a WhatsApp group going where we can ping ideas across?


      • Hi Sam, thanks for the reply. I don’t know of a whatsapp group, but Mona mentioned it in another message. I reckon i am at that delicate stage where i have done quite a bit of work and now i’m possibly looking for reassurance on what i have done!!. make sure to post what you can, thanks.

    • I have completed AUSUSD 240 and got 53 trades since Jan 2010, also just finished GBPUSD 240 with 65, both of those are un-filtered. So inclues trades where Stop Loss Pips are over 100

      • I got 19 on AUDUSD for a similar period. I am going to run another check. In all of my data so far i looked at taking out the trades that were over 100 pips and that rubbished the performance. maybe i have under-identified valid patterns during my backtesting. Good to have someone working on a similar exercise so though. Thanks Richard.

      • Hello Richard, are you taking those trades with inverse r/r? or are you using something else instead of fibs for targets