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    Hi guys, anyone trading the aggressive C entry for patterns? I have planned my rules and would like to discuss / share if anyone is interested. I find the C entry particularly interesting as the R:R ratio is not only quite good, there also is a potential short SL based on any violation of the A point. Anyway, let me know if anyone of you is interested. GS

    • Me too. I’ll try and catch up with you, we could share where we’re at 🙂

      • Sure. I only trde 3 patterns. Here are my rules for the aggressive C entry (let me know what you think):

        Advance patterns aggressive C

        – Identify anchor point leading to the formation of the X -A leg. (Rotation move MUST be evident)

        – Once X – A and A – B are completed based on the rules for the Bat, the Gartley or the Cypher, the C point entry will be based on one of the following:

        Bats & Gartley: Price needs to hit the 0.786 fib level, but cannot cross the A point (SL 2 pips Above / below A point).

        Cyphers : Price must at least touch the 1.272% fib extension from X – A, but MUST NOT close beyond the 1.414% extension (SL 1 ATR Above / below the 1.414 extension).

        – Target 1 is at the CLOSE or the B candle.

        – Target 2 is at the Entry for the advanced pattern.

        • Hi Greg, thanks for sharing.

          Can I ask, was there anything which influenced the decision to place the entry at the 768 rather than the 681? (Beyond the obvious that it gives you better risk reward)