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    • @imran-anwar Thanks for adding me 🙂 Very much appreciated. Are you new to trading or have you been dong this for a while? Me, I’ve been learning since 2011 but only finding a good rhythm since I came across Jason Stapleton, Akil and Jason Graystone about 10 months ago and I’m loving the change to my trading approach and the progress I believe I’m making. I’m so glad I found good teachers and now a great community. Looking forward to seeing your growth and sharing trading ideas, knowledge and concepts with you and the community. This is looking to be a spectacular trading year 🙂

      • Hi,

        Yes I would say i’m new to trading, it will become 1 year in February since I got involved in trading. I know what FX trading is and what it requires. My problem is I don’t know market direction, market structure and I don’t know how to use patterns like Bat, Cypher etc. So I decided to join Tier1trading and understand price action and it’s structure a bit more. I understand the Risk Mangement sides of things but I haven’t done live trading as I am not confident with my trading. I would love to share trading ideas, knowledge and concepts with yourself and the rest of the group. However, this will take time to learn before I could share ideas.

        • Hey @imran-anwar welcome to the best journey. Congrats on taking a good first step that many didn’t take and finding these guys. I’m sure you’ll get it soon enough. Keep up the discipline on not live trading until you’ve built the confidence and knowledge you need. The back-testing will help considerably so keep at it. Slow and steady. If there’s anything I can do to be of help, please let me know k.

          • Thanks for the tip. I think help is always needed in this market, because if you work well with others it’s better for everyone.