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    Hello everyone, I’m going to start my testing in CYPHERS, any recommendation in time frame, pairs or filters?

    • Time frame depends on your schedule, I have tested 4h .
      I have tested 10 pairs you can start USD based
      Everyone have own filter i use the filters shown in training videos
      Check the videos by Gabriella in the accontabilyty sessions, Naomi G Slight in youtube and Raymond Jeffries in youtube

    • Hi Julio! I’m doing the Cypher on the Daily and have done the following so far:


      –> These were profitable for me and I will trade.

      I also tested:


      –> These were not profitable. In the case of the AUDCAD, I think it could be profitable to do the opposite of what the Cypher says, lol.

      I’m starting with USDCHF now.

      I did do EURUSD on the 4 hour, and it was only profitable because of the “broken pattern strategy”.

      Would love to chat more about it!

      • Also, I started tracking structure, psych numbers, amount of bars between legs, RSI, etc., while testing my first pairs. I didn’t see it made much difference. However, now I do keep the EMAs on my chart since I’m noticing that if a Cypher is going bearish in a bullish trend, that doesn’t really work. I don’t have clear data yet… It’s something I started noticing and am now starting to keep an eye out for.

        • Nice Mona thanks for the info, I just started testing patterns in the 4H time, I would like to add some filters specially structure to my targets but I’m dealing with the issue that ATR is big in 4H so I dont have room to do much and a lot of times
          I can’t enter the trade if I want a 1/1 rr

      • Hey Mona, thanks for the info. I’ve been testing .618 as target one and a retest of the highs for target two on the four hour charts with a 1 ATR stop. Would love to exchange data with anyone who is testing something similar to avoid testing as many unprofitable pairs as possible. So far these are the profitable pairs I’ve come across if you’re interested in testing:


        • Hello, this is good news thanks for the info, I can get back tu you when I have more data on some pairs, it’s taking me long because I’m backtesting Cyphers, Gartley and Bats at the same time

        • Hi Greg,

          I’d love to swap info! I have a 9-to-5, so I manage to get on the platform sporadically. You can WhatsApp me at +507 6400-4044. I hope I?m allowed to put my phone number here, lol.