• Kwan Brown posted an update in the group Group logo of New TradersNew Traders 3 years, 1 month ago

    Has anyone downloaded any of the trading platforms? Ninja Trader, Meta Trader, etc. If so what have been your experiences and pros/cons. I am trying to decide which one to make my standard platform.

    • Trading view is a very good platform. Plus you can check your charts on any computer.
      I had to migrate across to Ninjatrader since the backtesting data i had access to will only import to Ninjatrader, not Tradingview.

      Ninjatrader takes some getting used to and to be honest I prefer Tradingview.

      You can get a free trial of Tradingview. and a free copy of Ninjatrader, so to be honest, you cna try both.

      • Thanks Andrew. There is so much to consider when choosing. I am thinking about Ninja because I see the coaches using it. I have been using trading view while going through the charts and I like its functionality. I guess the only way to decide is to try multiple ones until I find one I am comfortable with.