• Lee Morgan posted an update in the group Group logo of U.S. TradersU.S. Traders 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hello Everybody. I’m curious when yall did your backtesting how far back did you go? Someone told me back far enough for 100 trades per time-frame per strategy. That sounds like decent advise, but I’m curious if anyone else has a different opinion or something different they have done when thinking about backtesting. Does anyone think its necessary to run a backtest through different market seasons, for example, global financial crisis, housing bubble in US, a year where everyones at war, a year of relative peace and prosperity etc?
    Personally I’m backtesting manually on the 1H chart. I’m back 13 months and have well over 100 trades as a backtest size. I’m just deciding how urgently I should go back farther or trust the info I have now.