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    Hi All just finished my first year 2010 of testsing EURUSD, and just want to see if others got simular results so I can gauge if my testing is starting ontrack. So figures for the year of 2010 I had 15 trades, with 8 wins and 7 loses. Image attached of spreadsheet.

    Would you guys say they are roughly the same as data can differ.

    • Hi Richard, I did EURUSD as my first test but haven’t checked thoroughly. I missed a lot of trades so can’t confirm! I’ve been getting around 100-130 traders over 2010 to 2020.

    • Hi Richard, I cross checked a few of your results against mine for EURUSD for 2010. Looks very similar to what I have.

    • Great thanks guys

      • Hi Richard. My results were similar also. You had a couple of trades i could not see, probably due to close time or something similar. I think you had 3 trade i did not take and I had 2 trade you did not log. The results of all other trades were the same