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Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple…we don’t offer them. You are in the business of trading, and at TierOneTrading we treat your order the same way the market would.  So please understand, once your order has been placed and your payment has been processed, there is no turning back, even if things don’t turn out how you expected. If that scares you, then you’re probably in the wrong business. 

The truth is our refund policy is strict because we want to promote professionalism in every interaction we have with our clients. Just as we encourage you to perform your due diligence, assess your personal situation, and make an informed decision before you place a trade, we encourage you to do the same when making the decision to join the community here at TierOneTrading. We give everything we have to help traders succeed, and if we’re going to devote that level of energy then we want to ensure that it’s directed towards individuals who are serious about their future and committed to their success! If that’s not you, then that’s ok. As much as we would love the opportunity to work with you, if you’re worried about paying your rent, feeding your family, or affording your medication next month, then we ask that you resist the temptation to sign up for our services. The last thing we want to do is reply to your email, in which you explain your unfortunate financial circumstance and ask for a refund, by sending you a link to this page with a simple note that says “…sorry.” So please don’t put yourself in that awkward situation.